Tucker stadium renovations remain in conceptual planning stages

Tennessee Technological University is beginning conceptual planning for major renovations to Tucker Stadium.

Although conceptual planning for the stadium renovations has begun, a start date for the construction has yet to be determined. Offices and locker rooms have suffered from leaking and water penetration making the renovations necessary to the stadium.

Athletic director Mark Wilson said renovations to the stadium couldn’t begin until funding for the project has been raised. Currently, the Athletics Department is conducting fundraisers through philanthropic donations and avid supporters of Tech athletics.

The estimated cost of the stadium renovation is $45 million, but plans for the stadium renovations are still in the works.

According to the campus master plan, renovations on the western side of the stadium will include a landscaped tailgating lawn and ceremonial “Eagle Walk” toward the stadium.

Wilson addressed the changes Tech fans and students will see once the renovations are complete.

“The home side will switch for Golden Eagle Football. A typical football team likes for the home to be on the west side, but when former head coach Watson Brown came in, he wanted to go back and have the home side be the east side,” said Wilson.

After the renovations are completed for Tucker Stadium, the home side will be located on the west side of the stadium.

Senior track and field captain, Tiara Hymon liked the conceptual plan for Tucker Stadium.

“It’s a good idea to update the stadium because it doesn't have a modern feel. The only thing I dislike is that I won’t be able to experience competing in it,” said Hymon.

Heery International, a contracting agency based out of Atlanta, Georgia, provided the Athletics Department with a preview of Tucker Stadium after the renovations.

“We would start building now if we could but we have to be financially secured. We also have to think about the upcoming seasons and get as much done as we can in the offseason,” stated Wilson.

Since Tucker Stadium was built in 1966, minor enhancements have been made to the stadium including fresh coats of paint, editions to the press box and renovations to offices located in the stadium.

During the renovations to Tucker Stadium, Wilson said the exterior architecture will be altered to match the Georgian style architecture across campus.