Tennessee Tech athletics to hold first ever Golden Wings awards

Tennessee Tech will host the first Golden Wings Awards Tuesday, April 26. The awards will honor members of the athletic department. The award ceremony will take place in the Hooper Eblen Center at 7 p.m. After the award ceremony, there will be a reception for the guests.

 All student athletes are welcome to attend the ceremony according to Tech’s Athletic Director, Mark Wilson. He will be attending the ceremony along with President Philip Oldham. The two will be among a few guests outside of school athletes. At the event, there will be local radio personalities and local newspaper staff.

There will be a dress code that will be strictly enforced. Athletes are advised to wear business formal attire.

 “In the first year we have decided to have it open only to student-athletes, coaches and staff. The program will be streamed live on the OVCDN for the public to watch. We will evaluate after the first year and see if we will open to the public in the future,” said Wilson.

 There will be over 15 awards presented during the ceremony. Some of the awards include: male freshman of the year, female freshman of the year, Golden Eagle award, outstanding team of the year, and inspiration award.

 The Golden Eagle award will be given to one player on each team, and one team will receive a Golden Eagle award for the team as a whole. The individual Golden Eagle award will be presented by a fellow teammate who will give a small speech about the recipient.

“We have put a lot of hard work into this event. We hope it’s a fun night for all of our athletes,” said Robert Schabert, assistant athletic director.