SGA reorganizes senators for Independent Programs

SGA passed a bill that recognizes senators from Independent Programs as senators for the College of Arts and Sciences Tuesday, Sept. 6.

The bill will revise the SGA constitution by adding more organizational phrases under the election section. 

According to bill 003, “All Pre-Law and Special Program-Nondegree students in Independent Programs shall, for voting and apportionment purposes, be under the College of Arts and Sciences. All General Health Studies students in Independent Programs shall, for voting and apportionment purposes, be under the Whinston-Hester School of Nursing.”

SGA senator Madison Cole first introduced the topic to the board August 30, 2016. 

After several minutes of heated debate, her initial bill was tabled due to the bill stating Independent Programs as an existing college, when it’s not recognized as such.

“Every student that attends Tennessee Tech University should be able to be represented,” said Cole. 

“The SGA constitution did not include these students so it’s our duty to inform and include them.”

SGA senator Brett Windrow is the sponsor of the bill at hand. 

He was responsible for the revised form of the bill that was later passed the following week September 6, 2016.  

“We managed to get all sides together and solve the underlying issues around Independent Programs representation while ensuring that the solution didn’t create problems for future student bodies,” said Windrow.

One senator who is affected by this situation is Elizabeth Webb, sophomore pre-law major. 

“After running in April for the Independent Programs I thought my seat was secure but when the Exec positions changed hands, seats in the independent programs were found to be against the constitution,” Webb said. “After a bill was written this problem has been corrected by adding my concentration, which is pre law into the College of Arts and Sciences for SGA purposes.”

Now that the newest bill has been passed the previously elected senators for Independent Program will be reassigned to the corresponding colleges. 

As far as passing SGA bill’s the executive council are there to help along the way.

Current SGA president Alex Martin says, “We [SGA President Alex Martin, and executive council] ask that anyone who is sponsoring a bill present it to executive council at the Monday night cabinet meetings so that we can assist them, but it is not required. It is a suggestion meant to serve as a resource to the senators.”

The next SGA meeting will be held Sept. 13, 2016 at 9:15 p.m. in the Tech Pride room, and is open for anyone to attend.