Board appoints chief of staff

Lee Wray

Tennessee Tech’s Board of Trustees has chosen Lee Wray for the role of a new executive position approved last month.

The board unanimously approved Wray, a Tech alumnus, for chief of staff during a special executive meeting on Wednesday. Wray previously served at the Office of Communications and Marketing, as well as serving as the marketing director of athletics.

The creation of the position was approved at the Board of Trustees meeting Aug. 17. The chief of staff acts as an intermediary between the president and his staff, as well as a coordinator for campus projects.

“Lee is a perfect candidate for this position. He knows the community well, he has great communications on and off campus,” President Phil Oldham said.

In the community, Wray has served at Cookeville Cityscape and Cookeville-Putnam County Convention & Visitors Bureau, among others.

“They deserve for this place to be the best it can be. I look at it as a service to the campus and the community,” Wray said.

He is also responsible for supporting the president’s executive cabinet and its agenda.

“I think it makes your role as president more efficient if it’s done effectively. If it’s done right, it could be a great benefit.” Board chair Tom Jones said to Oldham.

Wray earned a bachelor’s degree in English/journalism from Tech in 1981, and a master’s degree in educational psychology and counselor education in 1985. He also earned a doctorate of law from the University of Tennessee College of Law.