Parking violations down from last year

Despite all of the construction and lack of parking space, students were more prepared this semester on the first day of classes. Many students contacted the parking office asking what the parking rules and violations are. Since the students were prepared, this led to less parking violations that last semesters first day of classes.                          

“This semester, we issued 78 violations on the first day of classes.  In 2016, we issued 178 violations on the first day of classes.  We strongly encouraged students to come in early to obtain their parking permits and not wait until the first day of classes.  Many of them took this advice.  Since many students had obtained their permits and were prepared, we had far less people, as you can see, receive a violation on the first day of classes” said Administrative Assistant Carrie Harris.

“I received a warning violation for parking behind the University Center. I was running late and barely made it to class on time. I knew I was in the wrong but at the time I didn’t care. I am glad I did not receive a violation,” said TTU freshman Randy Walker.

Some students still have complained about the parking situation this semester. “It should not take any student ten minutes to walk to class,” said TTU Freshman Jessica Harris.

“You would think that the University Police would have better things to do than to monitor the parking lot,” said TTU freshman Michael Williams.

“We are parking enforcement, not policy makers. We do not make the parking spots or paint any lines. If anyone has any complaints they need to talk to facilities,” said Harris.

Revenue for citations does not go to the University Police. They are all paid at the business office located in Derryberry.  Specific questions regarding citation payments can be directed to their office. Improvements for parking have been made. A parking lot has been made for students by Tech Village. “We think this parking lot will provide students with adequate parking,” said Harris. To contact the parking office for further question, call 931-372-6233. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday.