SGA takes SOLO concert vote

With the Fall semester underway, the Student Government Association is also in session, with the SOLO concert voting having wrapped up Thursday.

Freshman and new senators have begun their office hours to allow students to meet their representatives.

“The office hours [are] really a way that the senators can be a face to SGA,” Rachel Baker, chief of staff, said.

Starting Sept. 11 the SGA plans to begin its weekly meetings. Meetings are intended to be held in Tech Pride Room in the RUC, unless otherwise announced.

The first meeting is intended to be an introduction of the new student executives and senators. With freshman senators being new to campus, the plan is to bring them before the senate for approval.

An announcement was made on Aug. 29, 2017 through the Tennessee Tech SGA Twitter that this semester’s SOLO concert genre is country.  Around campus there are mixed emotions about the genre because Tech had a country singer preform for a SOLO concert as recent as April 5, 2016.

Each semester, Tennessee Tech SGA puts on a SOLO concert for students, with a different genre and artist, which SGA brings to preform at Tech with extra SOLO funds.

“This years genre was “other” so we get to collect a bunch of genres and have the student body vote on which one they would like to see as the concert” Madison Dittner, senator representing the College of Engineering said.

Students are notified to vote through their student email and through the SGA Twitter page.

“The voting [was open] for two days and the country genre had double the amount of votes than any of the other genres listed” Madison Dittner, senator representing the College of Engineering said.

Students received an email on Sept. 4, 2017 with a list of the artist they can vote on. They are also putting up posters in the UC of the artists to help advertise voting and the concert event.

The students can vote from a wide range of country artist and the concert will be on Oct 3. The nominees are: Jon Pardi, Hunter Hayes, Rodney Atkins, Dan and Shay, Dustin Lynch and David Nail.