Daca not yet on SGA radar

Politics- SGA asked students their current political issues.                               Photo from TTU twitter

Despite other Tennessee students government statements condemning the repeal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, Tech’s SGA president said that the issue isn’t yet on their radar.

“If one of our senators, or if a student came to one of our senators and felt strongly about having a resolution passed by student government, the individual senators could get together and work on something,” SGA president Rachel Martin said.

SGA members hung a paper for students to write down political issues that interested them for Constitution Day Sept. 19 on the RUC’s first floor wall. DACA appeared on the list, along with women’s rights and religions equality.

DACA, a federal memorandum, allowed undocumented immigrants under 16 apply for jobs, though it did not provide citizenship. The memorandum passed under the Obama administration in June 2012. The Trump administration rescinded the order earlier this month.

East Tennessee State University’s SGA passed a resolution Sept. 19 supporting those affected by DACA’s repeal, according to the East Tennessean.