Former professor sentenced to 12 years

Former College of Engineering associate dean Roy Loutzenheiser was sentenced to 12-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to one count of attempted aggravated sexual battery on Sept. 18.

Sentecing- Wesley Bray (left), and Roy Loutzenheiser (right) in the Putnam County Criminal Court for his Monday Morning plea deal. Photo by Lindsey McReynolds of the Herald Citizen

Roy Loutzenheiser, 74, worked at TTU for 26-years and retired in Jan. 2015, after having served in the associate dean role for the last 15-years of his tenure.

Loutzenheiser was indicted on one count of rape of a child, one count of rape and one count of aggravated sexual battery in Nov. 2015.  

The offenses occurred over the span of 11-years. The victims were minors at the time, according to court records obtained by Oracle staff.

Because of victims’ unwillingness to testify, Loutzenheiser pled to a lesser charge of attempted aggravated sexual battery.

In addition to a prison sentence Loutzenheiser must register as a sex offender for life and is subject to community supervision for life according to court documents.

As part of Loutzenheiser’s plea agreement, any fine will be waived, and he will be given release eligibility after 30 percent of his sentence.

Loutzenheiser initially faced a minimum sentence of 41-years and a maximum sentence of 120 years in prison on the original charges.

“Several years ago, I did something wrong. It is time for me to be punished for my senseless, irresponsible actions by spending time in jail. I apologize to all, and particularly to my family, for my actions,” Loutzenheiser said in a Herald Citizen report Monday Sept. 18.

TTU administration did not issue a statement due to Loutzenheiser being retired when his crimes came to light.