President Oldham’s Flight Plan

Christy Killman

President Phil Oldham’s Flight Plan is on the agenda for discussion at Tuesday’s faculty senate meeting according to senate president Christy Killman.

“(Flight plan) is a very broad process that comes up with a general direction that we want the university to go or that we envision as a group, administrators and faculty, the university moving,” Killman said.

It is Oldham’s strategic plan to advance the university in technology, the undergraduate student experience, research and the campus infrastructure.

During the senate meeting, members expect to select a candidate for vice president for Enrollment and Career Placement. The position was first discussed during the July 25 meeting. Killman said the senate is considering six applicants

There also are no current plans for the senate to discuss a proposal by Chartwells introduced at a  meeting earlier this year.

“I had gotten word that Chartwells is wanting to charge every student a fee whether they eat in the cafeteria or whether they use dining services or not in an attempt to generate revenue to build a new dining building,” Killman said.

The proposal would not move forward unless supported by the student body, she said. Killman said the senate questioned Oldham about the proposal earlier this year.

Chartwells officials could not be reached for comment.

Killman addressed some long-term goals for faculty senate.

“We want to be proactive instead of reacting to things all the time,” Killman said. “We also want to come up with a good plan to meet and get to know our board of trustees members. I know we’ll be talking about that again.”

Faculty Senate meets every two weeks during the fall and spring semesters in Derryberry Hall 210.