Quarterback looks forward

Golden Eagles quarterback Andre Sale left an impression on his head coach after only five games.

“I don’t want him (Sale) to get the big head right now,” Marcus Satterfield, head coach, said during a news conference following the Sept. 16 Ball State loss. “He’s got a ways to go, which means if he’s throwing for 200 yards a game now, he could be pretty good eventually. We’re excited for him, we’re excited that he’s playing at this level.”

The redshirt freshman has thrown for a total of 1375 yards, seven touchdowns and eight interceptions in his first six games as the Golden Eagles’ quarterback, according to FOX Sports.

Sale was a 7A All-Arkansas quarterback during his senior season at Catholic High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, according to a 2016 release announcing Sale’s commitment to Tennessee Tech.

The quarterback spoke modestly about his performance thus far.

“I’ve played okay,” Sale said. “I’ve played as hard as I can. I’m not taking back anything that I’ve done in the games.”

Sale also placed some of the blame for the team’s struggles on himself.

“We’ve been in some chances to win, I just haven’t been able to take advantage of them,” Sale said after the Sept. 16 Ball State loss. “Obviously, my turnovers need to be cut down if we’re going to have any chance to win any game. Fourteen turnovers in four games as a team; that’s on me.”

Sale performed below his statistical average during the Sept. 30 loss to Jacksonville State. He passed for only 125 yards. He committed no turnovers for the first time this season, but his 47.4 percent completion rate is his lowest so far, according to FOX Sports.

Sale and the Golden Eagles seek their first win of the season on Oct. 14 at Southeast Missouri State.