Candidates for Mr. and Ms. Tennessee vying for votes beginning today

Voting began today for the annual Mr. and Ms. Tennessee Tech homecoming court competition in which officials expect to announce during halftime of the Nov. 4 homecoming game.

Students may vote through a link to the voting server sent via email or they may vote at candidates’ stations located throughout campus and Centennial Plaza from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. today.

Candidates for Ms. Tennessee Tech are:

  • Emily Bass of Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Kinsley  Cronan of Delta Gamma
  • Whitley Battles of Alpha Delta Pi
  • Lexee Miller of Phi Mu
  • Ali Lannom of Kappy Delta

Candidates for Mr. Tennessee Tech are:

  • Mason Hilliard of Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  • Adam Reed of Sigma Chi
  • Reed Allison of FIJI
  • Drew Price of Pi Kappa Alpha
  • Logan Phillips of Sigma Phi Epsilon