Haunted hall hospital serves cause and scares

Browning & Evins Residence Halls transformed into a haunted hospital Thursday night for a benefit supporting TTU Food Pantry and Children’s Miracle Network.

“It’s free, but people can bring canned goods. The canned goods will go to the TTU Food Pantry,” Tisheika Snow, New Hall North hall director, said.

Monetary donations were also made outside of the attraction to Children’s Miracle Network, which is this year’s homecoming charity.

The “hospital” took visitors through four wings of a normal hospital gone wrong. Snow said she wanted the experience to be a surprise, but offered hints at what people saw.

“Think about some typical things you’d see in a hospital, but scarier,” Snow said.

The two-and-a-half minute experience involved a mixture of students and resident assistants playing characters and acting as tour guides. “The Haunted Hospital” took place on the second and third floors of Browning & Evins Halls. The attraction began in Evins and ended in Browning. Visitors snacked on free refreshments once finished.

“I was cool, and then everybody else started screaming. I just felt everybody scaring me and I was on the floor suddenly. I don’t know why, but I was on the floor,” Oklahoma, a Chemical Engineering major, said.

Others said they too enjoyed the attraction, though its length disappointed.

“(It had) good atmosphere. I enjoyed the way they set everything up. I just wish it would’ve been longer,” Chris, a Psychology major, said.

Browning and Evins Halls are scheduled to be closed until at least Spring 2017, but Snow said that they may not open until after Fall 2018.