SGA secretary resigns

Rita Ramsey

The Student Government Association is accepting applications for secretary after senior Rita Ramsey resigned the post on Oct. 30.

Ramsey, an accounting major and president of Tech’s accounting club, served with the SGA for 2 ½ years, including one year as its secretary.

Ramsey said she had been considering the move for more than a month, but deciding to resign was a difficult decision.

 “My whole college career has been SGA and I’ve been a part since the very beginning of August 2015, so it was very hard,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey said she had an incredible experience in SGA.

“I made a lot of friendships, made a lot of memories … I got connected with many of the faculty and students, just altogether the student body, I had a very good experience,” she said.

SGA president Rachel Martin said Ramsey’s work as secretary and her involvement in other clubs overwhelmed her.

SGA members may apply for secretary, and Ramsey also can make a recommendation, Martin also said.

Martin said candidates will be interviewed to determine if they understand the secretary’s duties and a final decision is expected by the end of November in order for that person to gain experience, Martin said.

“They’ll have two meetings to sit with us and realize how things work and then next semester they’ll be good to go,” Martin said.