Student Veterans Organization elects new president

Army veteran Christ Eckartz took Chris King’s place as president of the Student Veterans Organization after being elected at the semester’s first meeting conducted Jan. 25.

This is Eckartz’s third semester at Tech and he said he is very happy to be elected to this position.

He said that college is not as structured as being in the military can sometimes leave veterans feeling lost. “When you’re in the military you’re in a group where everyone’s so set on a standard,” Eckartz said. “When you get to college, it’s just the opposite.”

“The SVO helps these students get back on track when they get lost,” Eckartz said. “Most of the veterans are not your average college student age, so it’s nice to have people to share your war stories with.”

Eckartz said the SVO allows veterans to carry the same brother and sister relationship they had in the military to other aspects of their life, such as college.

Eckartz said he is planning different ways for the organization to reach out to the community, including volunteering with organizations that support the members of the community, similar to Genesis House, Habitat for Humanity and Community for Heroes.

“Community for Heroes is a tiny house community that focuses on veterans who are struggling and trying to get back up on their feet,” Eckartz said.

Anyone can join the organization. SVO meetings are conducted biweekly during dead hour in Jere Whitson room 328. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday , Feb.8.