Awesome wins gold

Awesome Eagle is awesome, or at least that is what the judges at the Universal Cheerleaders Association National Championship decided last month in Orlando, Florida.

Tech’s mascot earned first place during the annual dance and cheer team competition at Disney World.

The competition consists of judges viewing a two-minute video showing the mascot active in their community and a 90-second skit in which the mascot exhibits school spirit.

Awesome Eagle, who earned second place last year, defeated mascots from University of Delaware, Villanova University, Morehead State University and Northwestern State University to claim this year’s title.

Awesome Eagle agreed to an interview with The Oracle with the stipulating the reporter did not reveal his/her true identity in accordance with Tech tradition.

“I have always been interested about our mascot since freshman year,” Awesome Eagle said. “After the last mascot graduated, I tried out and ended up becoming the new Awesome Eagle.”

UCA is an annual competition for high school and college students. Tech’s women’s cheer team won fifth place and the co-ed team placed third.