Day: March 20, 2018


SGA senators disclosed document

Two SGA senators admit leaking a controversial four-page impeachment complaint secretly given to The Oracle last month. Senators Aaron Sams and Michael Stooksbury initially refused to answer any questions about the document, but later confessed to leaking the document in a one-sentence typed statement after The Oracle adviser met with […]


Student becomes Tech’s first national debate champion

Political science major Madison Davis became the first Tech student to win first place at a national tournament. Davis joined the team in Spring 2018, initially participating exclusively in individual events. Last semester, she started debating in the novice division, reserved for those that are participating in competitions for the […]


SGA applications are now available, elections in April

Applications for SGA are available; and elections are scheduled for April 19 and 26. Interested students must attend a candidates’ meeting at 11 a.m. April 12 in the SGA office, located in Room 115 in the RUC. Candidates also must turn in their candidacy petition at the meeting. The petitions […]


Sustainability fee increases environmental efforts

Students may not realize $8 of their semester fees helps make Tech’s campus more environmentally friendly. University officials implemented the fee in 2005 after the SGA approved a sustainability fee, DeLayne Miller, an alumna hired to oversee the Sustainable Campus Committee, said. The fee funds recycling, composting and other “green” […]


Tech considering plus, minus grading system

Tech’s grading scale is subject to change to the plus and minus system after considerations from faculty and staff. A mass email sent Feb. 2 contained a survey asking faculty members and students their opinion on Tech’s grading scale. A subcommittee of the University’s Curriculum Committee is considering revising the […]


The art of persuasion

I remember the first time I debated. I had absolutely no idea of what to do, my points were incomplete, my organization was all over the place. And I loved it. It's been four years of competing with my team, of waking up at 5 a.m., of missing weekends (where […]


‘Sabrina’ is still magical

Magic, mischief and a talking cat. What more could you want in a 90s teen sitcom? “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” based on the Archie comic of the same name, began its seven season run in 1996. The series took the typical tropes and formula of similar sitcoms like “Boy […]


David Byrne’s ‘American Utopia’ is uncertain

David Byrne always attempts to look at the bigger picture when approaching an album, a song or any of the myriad artistic waters he charts. “American Utopia” is no different, with Byrne himself saying “The title refers not to a specific utopia, but rather to our longing, frustration, aspirations, fears, […]