Tuesday cooking workshop introduces vegetarian recipes to students

Veg TTU’s first cooking workshop is set for 7 p.m. today in Room 212 of Clement Hall.

Club president Lindsay Mills said the event is free and open to anyone in the community. Mills said members plan to demonstrate will how to cook seitan, a meat substitute.

 Mills said she started Veg TTU two years ago to create a community for vegans, vegetarians or anyone curious about eating a vegetarian diet. Mills said she will be graduating this semester and Mohera Narimetla will be taking over as president.

“This semester has been a change for the club since we have all been working together,” Narimetla said.

She said they have been doing more events off campus to raise awareness to living a vegetarian lifestyle.

Veg TTU helps students “feel a sense of community,” Narimetla said.

“We have been working more closely with dining services to offer more plant based foods,” Mills said.

Mills said people from the Humane Society came to campus in May to teach dining services how to prepare these foods.

“We are putting together a survey to show the want for more vegan options,” Mills said.

Mills said the club meets at 7 p.m. on the last Tuesday of each month and there is always a pot-luck for people to try different types of foods made without animal products.

Vice president-elect Maci Arms said the club takes group trips to places like The Gentle Barn, an animal rescue sanctuary, to get a feel for other parts of the community that have the same beliefs as them.

Narimetla said Veg TTU is all about community service, education and activism. She said she plans on continuing their programs this fall.