Oakley resigns from trustee board

Millard Oakley, one of Tech’s most prolific benefactors, resigned his seat on the board of trustees, citing conflicting commitments, according to a statement released April 9.

In a letter addressed to President Phil Oldham, Oakley said he has “other business interest out of state and needed to cut back on other activities.”

Oakley expressed his appreciation to the other board members and for the opportunity to serve on the board, according to the release.

Oakley, 87, and his wife, J.J., are among some of the universities major donors. In 2006 the couple donated $2 million for the Millard Oakley S.T.E.M. Center in Ray Morris Hall.

The College of Agriculture and Human Ecology building also bears his name due to the family’s commitment to the agricultural community.

Last year the couple donated the 1,400 acre Oakley Farm located in Overton County. The farm includes $1.9 million worth of land, livestock and equipment.

Gov. Bill Haslam appointed Oakley and seven others in October 2016 for Tech's first board of trustees. Haslam is responsible for filling Oakley’s seat.