SGA senators reinstated

SGA members reinstated three senators last week who had been previously suspended for leaving a meeting to prevent a vote.

Senators Michael Stooksbury, Aarom Sams and Nicholas Lawson apologized to the full senate on April 2 and were officially reinstated after two separate votes.

The trio’s departure from a March meeting left the senate without a quorum and unable to vote on the creation of a new freshman council.

Before an April 2 vote, SGA graduate assistant Trey Mcnear addressed the members, telling them he supported reinstatement because the three had followed required conditions.

McNear said the three senators deserved to be reinstated because of their hard work this year.

The senate approved their reinstatement, however, a second vote was called because one senator believed Mcnear’s speech had improperly influenced the vote.

A second vote reinstated Lawson, but not the other two. Members believed Lawson had been sincere in his apology because he also had apologized to multiple organizations.

However, the senate revisited the vote during the April 9 meeting and reinstated all three.