Annual Fall Fun Fest Comes to Hyder-Burks Pavilion

Liam and Annalee Clark take turns lassoing a "bull". Photo by Britney Beaty

People of all ages gathered at the Hyder-Burks Agricultural Pavilion Sept. 29, to explore the Antique Engine and Tractor Show Fall Festival.

The annual festival is organized by students and faculty from Tech’s School of Agriculture in conjunction with members of the Middle Tennessee Antique Engine and Tractor Association. 

The event’s festivities involved antique tractors, trucks and lawnmowers but also included activities that teach younger children about agriculture. 

Children who attended the festival examined an insect collection and an observation bee hive, shucked corn, visited a small petting zoo and practiced milking a fake cow.

“I think my favorite part has been watching the little kidsget to learn about different parts of ag,” freshman agriculture communication major Emily Welte said. 

Organizers and volunteers said they hope the festival educates and instills a passion for agriculture children carry into adulthood. 

“Letting these children build these interests at such a young age could lead to some of them becoming farmers in the future which will help with feeding the world,” Hannah Steger, a freshman human ecology major, said. 

Organizers also believe it is important for children to understand the importance of agriculture in their daily lives.

“When we, as a school of agriculture, provide outreach to young folks, the best thing we can hope is that they recognize the importance of agriculture and that somebody produces all of the food they eat. It doesn't just come from a grocery store shelf,” associate professor Dr. Brian Leckie said.