Review: Bob’s Burgers season 9

Bob’s Burgers is back and funnier than ever for its ninth season.

The Emmy-winning show premiered in 2011 and continues to enchant with its witty banter, colorful characters and musical flavor.

The show follows the Belcher family, including parents Bob and Linda and their three children Tina, Gene and Louise. The family owns an accident-prone burger restaurant in a northeastern tourist town. Season 2, episode 1 focuses on the 13-year-old, boy-crazy Tina Belcher on an adventure to find her “one true love.”

What sets Bob’s Burgers apart from other cartoons is its unique storytelling through music. While most shows will have one ‘musical’ episode, Bob’s Burgers has music sprinkled throughout the series. This episode is particularly heavy with music, featuring Josh Gad of the Tony Award winning musical “The Book of Mormon.”

The best of four original songs plays when Tina dresses as a boy to audition for her favorite boy band. She encounters a boy in the bathroom and they exchange few words when he says, “all my best friends are girls.” The song then follows a montage of the two in a high school romantic comedy.

Bob’s Burgers’ ninth season will bring riveting music and comedy to Fox Sunday 8:30 p.m.