Corn maze partners with Ellington-Warf

Ellington-Warf’s Village Council partnered with Autumn Acres in Crossville, allowing students and staff to bypass the $12 entrance fee and spend all their money on fudge and sweet potato fries. 

Autumn Acres’ three corn mazes and 10 acres of pumpkins are the main attractions, but the farm offers other fall activities like wagon rides and bonfires. 

Visitors’ maze choices include the Trivia Maze with over 40 different topics, the Farm Investigation Maze and the Farm Scene Tracks Maze for children. 

Every year all three mazes join to create an image visible from above. This year’s corn maze, sponsored by East Tennessee Dodge, is the shape of a Ram truck.

“I think it’s awesome that [Residential Life] does things like Autumn Acres to bring the hall together while doing something so fun that encourages everyone to get to know each other,” Taylor Sneed, a resident of Ellington Hall, said. 

Thomas Crillo, hall director of Ellington-Warf, said the trip was sponsored by Village Council.

Ellington-Warf is the Arts and Media Village of Tennessee Tech. Every “village” on campus has study areas, with tutoring opportunities as well as a classroom related to the village’s theme. Each village is designed to provide additional student leadership opportunities through each of the individual Village Councils and provide a variety of social and educational opportunities for residents.

Village Council is comprised of student leaders who live in Ellington-Warf and two advisers, including Crillo.

“Going to Autumn Acres gave me the opportunity to get closer with residents and got me in the spirit of fall,” resident assistant Delanie Sukowski said.

Autumn Acres fall season ends Nov. 3, and the spring reopening is scheduled for Good Friday.