Marketing Club hosts third annual Pumpkin up the Quad

Teana Wiley (left) and her friend Lexie Tallent (right) holding their carved pumpkins. Tallent named her pumpkin Gerald.

Teana Wiley carved the final touches on her happy pumpkin.

“This is easier than college,” Wiley, a freshman, said as she lifted her finished masterpiece.

The Marketing Club hosted its third annual Pumpkin Up the Quad on Oct. 25 to give students the opportunity to display their artistic talents and for the club to exercise their marketing talents to earn funds for their organization.

“Selling pumpkins is good for growing our club,” said club member and sophomore Allie Guinn.

The event started at 10 a.m. Within two hours, most of the pumpkins were sold out.

Large pumpkins could be carved or painted for $5, and small pumpkins were $4. 

Cedarwood Pumpkin Patch, located outside of McMinnville, donated 70 large and small pumpkins for the event.