Ralph’s Donut Shop vs. Big O Donuts

Kitty Porterfield:  Ralph's

Ralph’s Donut Shop opened in 1962, 11 years before Big O Donuts. Ralph’s longevity adds to its charm and nostalgia, as well as its dependability.

Ralph’s keeps an abundance of its signature doughnuts available, such as the Hillary and the iconic Butter Twist, which is greatly superior to any doughnut Big O could possibly supply.

Ralph’s is not open 24/7 but it does have a drive-through, which is convenient, efficient, and downright cool. At Big O, the lines are long and the selection is slim.

Big O’s doughnuts are cheaper, but the price difference is only a penny, which is hardly enough to sway donut-lovers. At Big O, donuts with filling are 15 cents more, which is unacceptable.

The long-lasting fulfilment of a trip to Ralph’s exceeds any fleeting feeling of satisfaction a simple blueberry cake doughnut could give you.

Britney Beaty:  Big O

Big O Donuts is the premiere location in Cookeville to hang out and get a delectable doughnut in a cozy, low-stress environment. 

It is closer to campus and open 24/7, perfect for students who need a place to study after the library closes or for students who just want a late-night snack.

Ralph’s Donut Shop is closed Sunday and Monday and open limited hours. That means planning is required before making the trek for doughnuts.

Ralph’s Butter Twist doughnut is admittedly great, but it is not as divine as Big O’s blueberry cake doughnut which tastes as good as love feels. The blueberry cake doughnut tastes like it is made by your grandmother.

Also, Big O provides more doughnut for the price.

Ralph’s is good but it cannot provide students with the value, comfort, blueberry cake doughnuts and availability that Big O’s offers busy students.