An examination into “The Mind of Jake Paul”

On Wednesday, Jake Paul took to Twitter to announce he ended his four-month relationship with his girlfriend Erika Costell. Normally, this wouldn’t be surprising to me, because Paul doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to relationships. However, I was shocked to read this so soon after the conclusion of Shane Dawson’s Youtube docu-series The Mind of Jake Paul.

Despite fans being against the idea of the 8 part series at first, it was wildly successful. Each video got well over (sometimes even double) 10 million views, and it seemed like everyone had something to say about it on Twitter.

Back in September when the series was announced, fans were worried Paul would somehow use Dawson, because he is the most compassionate little guy in the world. Dawson’s previous series have featured the likes of Tana Mongeau and Jeffree Star in the past, which featured a similar redemption arc to portray the subjects in a better light.

There was a definite redemption arc on this series, and I believe the biggest reason for that was Paul’s relationship with Costell. Dawson emphasized throughout the series Costell’s affect on the 21-year-old Youtuber and showed several shots of their “happy” relationship.

So, this begs the question: what happened? How could their relationship have fallen apart so quickly after we got all this content leading us to believe they were the perfect couple?

My personal theory is what everyone thought would happen back in September: Paul played Dawson regarding his relationship with Costell and probably in other ways too.  

It’s no secret Thethe couple got a lot of exposure for their own personal careers, both of which have been facing a lot of changes lately. Costell just came out with her new single, ‘KARMA’, and announced she will be involved in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The rebranding of Paul’s Youtube channel is inevitable. 

Did people really care this much about Erika Costell’s career before she was featured so heavily in Dawson’s series? I definitely don’t believe so. Plus, it’s no secret viewers over the age of 13 hated Paul before the series.

Paul doesn’t deny the fact he and the other members of Team 10 do a lot of crazy things just to boost their careers, and I believe the whole #Jerika relationship was one of them. Thereis no way Costell could have had a successful music career before she became Jake Paul’s girlfriend. (Seriously, her single is terrible.) However, being associated with one of the bad boys of Youtube wouldn’t have done her much good if he hadn’t gotten so much attention and sympathy from Dawson’s series.

Under this theory, now that Costell’s gotten momentum for her own career, there is no point in her continuing to be in a relationship with Paul. Although, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before there’s orchestrated drama between the two of them. After all, feuding with people in order to make them famous is what Jake Paul does best.