RUC renovations prompt parking changes

The Roaden University Center expansion is pictured. Photo by Braden Copeland.

Construction on Roaden University Center will continue throughout the Spring semester.

Renovations began in 2017 and a completion date has yet to be set, making it the longest ongoing renovation. A walking bridge joining Centennial Plaza and the University Center as well as the second-floor multipurpose room are both completed, but not open yet. The estimated budget for the expansion is $7 million.

Dewayne Wright, senior director of public relations, said, “There will be no parking within what is now the fenced-in lot west of the RUC addition. That space, in keeping with the university master plan, will become green space. The university is working on a landscaping plan that will include outdoor gathering spaces.” 

The plan is to create more outside gathering areas and move parking from inside to the outskirts of the campus in the future, according to the master plan.

The spring semester also saw changes for parking. 20 parking spots in the Bell Hall and 12 parking spots in the Southwest Hall changed from gold to red parking passes. The 30-minute parking along Peachtree Avenue was removed due to near-accidents and complaints. 

The Students, faculty and staff are able to upgrade purple parking passes to red and gold parking passes. The purple passes can be brought to the parking office at Foundation Hall along with $37 in the form of cash, check or card to upgrade for the remainder of the year.