SGA office move increases communication between student leaders

Students looking for the SGA office may find it empty, that’s because it moved to Room 208 in the RUC.

The SGA office moved from the first floor to the second floor in July. The location change brought all of the student leaders to one central location. 

Student Dean Kate Williams said the move helps improve communication among SGA members.

“Locating areas of student life together in one space has already increased communication among student leaders and enables them to share knowledge and resources,” Williams said. 

SGA approved a transparency bill requiring SGA members to answer students’ questions in the RUC lobby once a week during dead hour.

SGA President Mason Hilliard said they wanted it to be located in a high traffic area and easily accessible.

 “Answering student’s questions and helping with any concerns students may have is something that the SGA takes very seriously,” Hilliard said. “And we hope that by having these tabling events we will be more approachable to the student body.”