Student on the street: Tennessee Tech Students weigh in on the Government Shutdown

With the government shutdown becoming the longest in history, people are starting to wonder if it will ever end. Even though President Donald Trump proposed a new deal about the wall with the Democrats to end the shutdown, the Democrats are not willing to negotiate until the shutdown is over.

Here is what some Tennessee Tech students have to say about the shutdown.


“We should come together as a group and try to help our federal employees who are struggling out here trying to make ends meet. I think that we should come together as a society, as group of people, and not focus on our race, political views or anything like that.”
Mario Manzo
 Junior, mechanical engineering

 “I feel like both sides aren’t wanting to compromise, and I feel like we would get a lot done if they worked together.”
Rebecca Williamson, 
Senior, civil engineering 

 “I think the government shutdown is ridiculous and has gone on for too long. I really hate how it is affecting the national parks, because that is what I am passionate about.  The national parks have been shut down, and a lot of government employees aren’t getting paid.”
Charis Littell
Freshman, wildlife and fisheries 

It is kind of pointless. They are holding funds to complete Trump’s personal agenda while putting people out of jobs. They are losing money and not paying their bills right now. It seems kind of selfish.”
Isaiah Martin, 
Sophomore, exercise science and pre-athletic training.

 “They should be working together, but they are not. That is the biggest problem right now. They have to get down to the problem and work together.”
Dylan Preston
Sophomore, geology