Parking committee evaluating survey results

Tech’s parking committee is reviewing survey responses in an effort to decrease parking complications.

The parking committee was reassembled due to increasing parking complications and held its first meeting on Dec. 4 and will contain two student members. 

Dawson Hassler, a senator for the College of Arts and Sciences, holds one of the student seats on the parking committee and designed the survey and questions.

“Our goal with the survey was to see what we can do over the next couple of years to maximize parking efficiency for faculty and on-campus students,” Hassler said.

The questions on the survey touched on parking passes, commuting logistics and the idea of rezoning red and purple parking zones to be merged into one general pass.

Hassler programmed the survey to start on Jan. 22 and concluded it on Feb. 1. 

The survey also included three open-ended questions that allowed feedback from the students and faculty that according to hassler have been negative so far.  

“The majority of student’s responses I have read so far have been negative, but everyone who put the time into the survey has shown me we have a lot to work on and I believe the results are going to set us on the right path as we start this committee,” Hassler said.

About 850 students and faculty members participated in the survey and all data collected is being reviewed by Hassler and other members of the parking committee.