Tech board awaiting decisions on vacancies

Two vacancies on the Board of Trustees need to be filled by Feb. 25.

Barbara Fleming resigned in December and Governor Bill Lee has yet to appoint a replacement. 

Melissa Geist was appointed as the faculty representative in 2016 and her term is coming to an end. 

Geist is a professor in the Whitson-Hester School of Nursing. She served as dean for the College of Agricultural and Human Sciences and as interim dean for the College of Interdisciplinary Studies before being on the board.

The senate president Dr. Troy Smith appointed Dr. Lori Maxwell as the chair of the nominating committee to choose a new representative.

Maxwell is chairperson for sociology and political science and currently serves on the faculty senate and academic council. 

The deadline for applications is Thursday. This is the first time the senate has to appoint a new faculty representative since its formation in 2016 under the FOCUS act. 

The Board of Trustees consists of eight members appointed by the governor, one faculty representative appointed by the Faculty Senate and one non-voting student representative.

Two people have resigned from the board since 2016. Millard Oakley resigned in 2018, and was succeeded by Rhedona Rose.

“The Governor is still in the process of identifying potential candidates to serve on Tennessee Tech’s Board of Trustees, but will work to ensure the best possible fit for the institution’s current needs and long-term vision,” said Alex Martin, the director of appointments at Lee’s office.