Dean of Agriculture and Human Ecology list narrowed down

The search for a new Dean of Agriculture and Human Ecology has narrowed down to four candidates. 

Tech officials began searching for a replacement in late 2018 when Provost Lori Bruce appointed a committee to advertise the position, screen applicants and make a recommendation, Interim Dean Dr. Bruce Greene said.

“Then Provost Bruce will consider the recommendations of the committee and offer the position to the next Dean of the College of Agriculture and Human Ecology,” Greene said.

Dr. Lizbeth Mullins was dean of the college for five years and retired in June 2018, Greene said.

The candidates for the position:

  • Dr. Charles MacVean
  • Dr. Awadh Binhazim
  • Dr. David Fernandez
  • Dr. Darron Smith 

Students and faculty were given the opportunities to provide feedback about each of the candidates in multiple campus open forums, Greene said.

Tech officials made a website where students and faculty can learn more and even provide feedback about the applicants. 

To learn more or give feedback visit