Month: March 2019


“Are you an organ donor?” Student on the street

According to donatelife.netin 2018 over 17,500 organ donors brought life to recipients and their families.  Every 10 minutes a new person is added to the national waiting list for crucial organs. Twenty-two people die every day because the vital organs they need are not received in time. Around 8,000 people died […]


Details of SAE death released

Before his death, Paul Hamilton Ten Eyck drank straight from a 59-ounce bottle of vodka and passed out about four hours before his Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers called for medical assistance at the fraternity house on Dec. 7, according to a document obtained by the Oracle.  The Oracle filed an […]


Self defense teacher shares her experience

Nikki Desch, self-defense instructor, demonstrates an attack in the Self-Defense for Women class at Cane Creek Recreational Center. Photo by Shelby Campbell. A woman with 30 years of martial arts experience is teaching Tennessee Tech students how to defend themselves in the Self-Defense for Women class at Cane Creek Recreational […]


Track team continues streak

Tech women’s track and field team continued their award-winning streak after earning its second Ohio Valley Conference indoor championship Feb. 22. Coach Wayne Angel also earned the OVC indoor Coach of the Year award for the third consecutive season.  Angel is the first in the league toearn the Coach of the […]


Varsity Blues Scandal

Full House actress Lori Loughlin and Desperate Housewivesactress Felicity Huffman’s involvement in a collegiate bribery scam raises interesting points about privilege and corruption. Loughlin and her husband are accused of spending $500,000 to get her two daughters into the University of Southern California by faking athletic ability and bribing a rowing coach. […]


Tech Women’s Center hosts Women’s History Month events

A speech by a renowned tribal justice activist and a screening of the movie “RBG” are just two events sponsored by Tech’s Women’s Center during Women’s History Month.  Diana Lalani, the administrative associate at The Women’s Center, has been coordinating Women’s History Month events at Tech for 12 years.  “I […]


Update on Sigma Alpha Epsilon sanctions

Tennessee Tech's Sigma Alpha Epsilon was in violation of a previous sanction when one of its members died following a night in the fraternity house, according to documents obtained by Tennessee Tech student newspaper staff. Previous sanctions against the fraternity forbade any alcohol on chapter property. The sanctions stem from […]