Student on the street: Construction

Over the past few years Tennessee Technological University has been in rebuilding mode. From smaller renovations to new buildings and parking lots, it is safe to say that Tech will be a different looking campus in the years to come. While the future looks bright here at Tech, what about the present? How do current students feel about the changes to campus and the ongoing construction?

“I hate that I have to walk around some of the construction sites on my way to class,” freshman business major Colby Booker said. “I probably won’t be able to enjoy most of the new things being built right now, so it is pretty frustrating,” he said. “Building a new gym is cool and all, but we don’t really need one,” he added. 

“I graduate in May, so I won’t be here when any of the new buildings are done, but it will be nice to come back in a few years and see the changes,” senior manufacturing engineering technology major Austin Cline said. “Tech is trying to keep up with some of the bigger universities, which I think is a good thing,” he said.  

“It is a nuisance because I live in Crawford Hall and I’ve been woken up by construction noise pretty early in the morning," Gracie Ray, a freshman sociology major, said. “It makes finding a parking spot more difficult too,” she added. “I do think the campus will end up looking newer and nicer, which will help the university in the future,” she said. 

“I’m graduating this semester and I think Tech should make a deal with the graduating students and let them use the new facilities when they are complete,” senior finance major Dillon Rice said. “I like that Tech is providing jobs for people in the area and making the entire campus better though,” he added. 

“I don’t like having to walk around and through all of the construction,” senior EXPW fitness and wellness major Devin Cordero said. “It is not that bad, but I do get annoyed with the noises sometimes,” he said. 

“I don’t think any of the construction is really necessary because the campus was pretty nice the way it was before,” freshman nursing major Katilynn Franklin said. “The noise and stuff doesn’t really bother me, but the trucks on the quad annoy me a little bit. I just don’t think most of the new things are necessary,” she added. (fooplugins.com)