Profile: Linda Frisbee, manager of Crepe and Creme

Linda Frisbee, manager of Crepe and Crème Cookeville, poses behind the front counter of the store. (Photo by: Amyia Davis)

Linda Frisbee

Manager of Crepe and Crème Cookeville discusses the sweet side of life.


What was the idea/ vision behind the shop? What was the goal?

“We thought, ‘Well, there is no bubble tea shops in this area.’ Bubble tea is a very popular thing in China and Asian countries, and we thought the shop would do really well here in Cookeville.”


Describe the environment of Crepe & Crème in three words.

“Relaxing. The atmosphere is enjoyable, and you can get anything you want. There is a great variety from drinks to crepes to food. It’s just a great environment for people to come and socialize.”


What impact has the shop made and/or what is the impact Crepe & Crème is hoping to make not for Tech students but the Cookeville community as well?

“A lot of customers have told us that they are grateful that we are here because they cannot find one like this anywhere else. Some of them have moved from California, and they love bubble tea, ice cream and other stuff and they cannot find it anywhere else. They really appreciate it, and they keep coming back. It’s also a place for socializing, and a lot of people come here to study, to have meetings and parties. I think it just brings a lot to the community. A lot of young kids or school kids love the rolled ice cream, and they love to watch.”


What is a typical day like?

“It depends when the county schools are out. This is a place they love to come. It’s really hard to say. Sometimes, we can be packed for an hour.”


What was the idea behind having live performances? What was the goal?

“We did have a vision that we can have live music here. In town, we don’t have many coffee shops or a lodge for the performers to perform. This would be great place for the musicians to practice and when new customers come in and enjoy the music as well as our items that we sell. We have performers that come once or twice a month. We were thinking about having an open mic night for the musicians to come here and show off their talents.”


What is a popular item?

“Rolled ice cream, bubble tea and crepes. They are all popular. The kids especially enjoy the rolled ice cream as well as the adults.”


What experience are you hoping customers gain when they leave?

“We want them to be satisfied. They pay money to come here, and we want them to be satisfied not only from the foods and drinks they get here but the service as well. We want them to feel like it is worth their money here, and we want them to come back.”


Are there any events or new items that are currently in the works?

“Yes, we do spirit nights for Tech programs. We have different events such as the Best Buddies' event we had last week. In two weeks, on April 13, there are going to be huge schools coming for lunch. We also do some cooking shows for the community. As for now, we don’t have a lot of new items, but maybe in the future we might create some.”


Any lasting remarks?

“This is a great location for Tech. I really enjoy the students who come over here to get their stuff and just having a place for them to relax. I really enjoy serving them.”