Fraternity suspension lifted

Phi Gamma Delta house at 527 N. Peachtree Ave. (Photo by Miranda Maynard)

Tech officials lifted a six-day suspension against Phi Gamma Delta members and assigned them a remediation plan after deeming a videotaped incident a “juvenile prank” and not hazing.


The “incident” occurred at the chapter house on Sept. 11, involving Phi Gamma Delta members forcing a new member into a shower with a bag over his head, according to documents obtained by the Oracle from an open records request.


“The incident was a juvenile prank played by a few members to celebrate another’s birthday,” headquarters Executive Rob Caudill said in a Sept. 19 email to Oracle staff.


Phi Gamma Delta, also known as FIJI, has been on campus since 1981 and currently has 80 members, including 35 new members, FIJI President Landon Allison said.


The five-point remediation plan, sent to Tech officials from FIJI headquarters on Sept. 17, includes an “end shower prank activity,” attending multiple hazing prevention programs and completing a workshop.


“The Chapter leadership must inform all members that throwing brothers or new members in the shower as a prank must cease immediately. This directive is in place in perpetuity,” Phi Gamma Delta national official Todd Rotgers said Sept. 17.


The alleged victim’s mother emailed headquarters Sept. 12 concerning the investigation.


“I am aware that someone has raised concerns about last night and the allegations of hazing. However, that could not be further from the truth,” the mother wrote. “We knew it was going to happen and told the boys to send us pictures.”


A 20-second Snapchat video obtained by The Oracle reveals a man with his hands tied behind his back, his head covered and his ankles tied together. He is being forced into a shower by what appears to be three other men.


It begins in what appears to be the bed of a truck at night. A male in a black T-shirt, blue jeans and tan cowboy boots has his hands tied behind his back with white rope. His ankles are also bound together. What appears to be a pillow case covers his head and is knotted around his neck.


The video skips to a bathroom where a man in what appears to be a purple FIJI intramural jersey is shown with his hands on the subject’s head, forcing him into a small white standup shower on his back. At least two other men are in the bathroom holding the subject’s feet vertically.


The Oracle editors did not post the video because of legal concerns and poor quality.