More information released in child pornography case

Tatsushi Shibata.

A Tech student accused of possessing child pornography admitted to downloading a pornographic video, according to an arrest warrant obtained by the Oracle.

Tatsushi Shibata, a 24-year-old accounting major from Japan, was arrested on Sept. 5.

The Cookeville Police Department issued a search warrant for the warrant directed the affiant to an electronic device using the IP address belonging to 1045 E. 6thSt. according to the arrest warrant.

It is uncertain what tipped the police of Shibata’s suspicious acts as well as the electronic device Shibata used to download the video.

Capt. Anderson of the CPD declined to comment on this case because it is an ongoing investigation.

“The Cookeville Police Department is dedicated to protecting children in our community. As a result, detectives work diligently on these investigation in an effort to ensure that individuals who choose to use the Internet to target children are held accountable,” according to the CPD press release.