Student on the Street: Fraternity hazing verdict

Do you agree or disagree with the finding that the situation did not constitute hazing, and why or why not?

“I do believe it is a variation of hazing, however I was not at the hearing so I cannot divulge the evidence.” —Ethan Simmons, secondary education, freshman.
“I think that it wasn’t hazing based on the student from the video. It can be assumed that it was, looked like hazing. The student himself, I’ve heard from several accounts, was not negatively effected by it. The only negative outcome of the event was the reputation of the frat itself.” —Renie Marrow, chemical engineering, Freshmen
“I don’t think it was an actual hazing because, I think it was just a prank.” —Maisie Philips, political science, freshman.
“From all the evidence that I saw, in the paper and in the news media, I didn’t feel that it rose to the level of a hazing incident.” —Police officer Michael Lambert.
“Yes, I do think that that was hazing because you’re literally tying a boy up and you’re waterboarding him, he could have died, like he could have lost his life. And You still think it—like, Tech thinks it was like a joke or it was funny or it was a prank, but no, somebody could have seriously been injured or seriously lost their life, and then what? Then y’all be looking stupid, so.”—Jazmen Jeffries, biomedical engineering, sophomore.