Networking issues discussed at Tech seminar

Susmit Shannigrahi, an assistant computer science professor at Tech, presented a seminar Thursday on his research from his Ph.D titled, “The Network of Everything — Challenges and Opportunities” in which he discussed the problem with networking today and how it can improve.


The networking issues stem from the Internet’s use of Internet Protocol, a system that relays datagrams across network boundaries. There are also problems with having no security and no control over who sends data to users.


“The network doesn’t work that well, even though we think it does,” Shannigrahi said. “There’s never a better time for networking research.”


Shannigrahi said the “new gen internet” includes content being bigger, being more progressive and a higher emphasis on security.


“So I think a lot of the research that I do, it affects how the Internet would look like tomorrow, so for the students the benefit’s in two ways,” he said. “First, if they get to know the cutting edge of networking research. The other part is when they go for jobs or an internship, they can say they have been working on research and coding and these new things, and that shows that they are capable of learning new stuff and working with new stuff.”


Shannigrahi’s previous research includes networking for big data, next generation mobile networks and future Internet architecture and protocols.