Preview day a success

About 1,400 people explored Tennessee Tech and all it has to offer as part of the sixth annual preview day on Oct. 5.


Every fall semester, the university hosts a campus-wide event in which incoming freshman and their families can come see what Tech is all about.


In addition to the 555 incoming freshman, there were friends and family who registered as well.


“555 students, 863 guests equaled a little over 14,00 total people on campus that day,” campus visits and events coordinator Brandy Kriebel said.


Attendees were able to get more experience out of the university than they could on a tour of campus since every department or organization was present.


“Every academic department on campus was under three big, white tents on main quad. Every single academic department was out there,” Kriebel said.


Students were introduced to resources like the Center for Career Development, Office of Multicultural Affairs, ROTC and Accessible Education Center.


For the coordinators of the event, it was important to witness the interactions that went on that day.


“It was the interaction between the faculty members and the students and their families that made it so meaningful,” admissions director Steve Keller said.


Guests also were showed presentations about financial aid and putting in their application to Tech while at the event.


The event was primarily to help students and their families experience what a student of Tennessee Tech is able to experienced.


“We really wanted to help them have an immersive experience in the culture of Tech and see that they’ve got a place here, that they’ll be well taken care of, that these faculty and staff members are able to help them achieve their educational goals and do so with it being a fun, friendly, welcoming environment,” Keller said.