Student On the Street: “What are your thoughts on the impeachment inquiry against Trump?”

“So I guess my opinion on the impeachment inquiry of Trump is that I lean Democrat so I personally do not like him, and I personally agree with a lot of the statements made about him, but I also don’t agree with Mike Pence becoming president, because again I lean Democrat, so in a way I agree with it because of the things he’s done. He’s been unconstitutional as a president, but I can see downsides in why people disagree.” –Michaela Bixenman, political science major.
“I don’t know a ton about it, but I do feel like part of it is just the Democrats don’t want him back in office, which I agree with. I don’t necessarily want him back in office after re-election. I don’t think some of the things that I’m aware of, which is, like I said, not a lot, necessarily, would require or instigate impeachment necessarily. But I think, like, the Democrats don’t want him back in office, like a lot of people including myself, and see this as a way to ensure that for the re-election campaign coming up.” –Isaac Nickels, undecided major.
“Honestly I think they’ve tried to impeach Trump so many times that no one’s really going to take it seriously, whether or not they have something this time. And also, I really don’t think it’s going to go anywhere.” –Kat Hawkins, secondary education major.
“I think there was justification for it, because there is a lot of ridiculousness that goes on in office right now, with Trump, especially. And how the things he says in conferences and the things he puts on social media especially because he has a twitter account which is very much a big deal with today’s society, because it’s a lot of social media driven. And there’s liberal and conservative, Democratic, Republican, and there’s the belief that one side is right and one side is wrong, instead of reaching a medium.” –Braden Copeland, communication major.