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Suits2Cheap provides professional clothing

Emma McDonald preparing suits for Suits2Cheap.
(Photo by Emma Kenner)

Students needing professional clothes at affordable prices can look no further.


This week Student to Career is conducting the second annual Suits2Cheap event giving students the opportunity to buy professional clothes at affordable prices.


“We offer them to students at cheaper prices than they could find at a consignment store,” Sierra Delon, a student ambassador for the College of Business, said.


Students can purchase suits for $1 and other professional attire for 25 cents in Johnson Hall Room 425 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Oct. 7-10.


The sale gives students the ability to dress professionally which can increase their chances of getting a job.


“Being dressed professionally in an interview just shows that you’re ready for the job and you’re willing to do whatever is takes to be professional in that setting,” Delon said.


The Student to Career staff keeps a professional clothing closet stocked through the use of donations Emma McDonald, a professional development associate with the College of Business, explained.


“We run a clothes closet in the student to career center and basically students can come check clothes out for professional events and each year we clean out the closet,” Delon said.


McDonald discussed the importance of this event for students after their college career.


“Students can come and get things for relatively nothing that they can have forever and we think that’s important,” McDonald said.


In the first two days of the sale, students purchased 744 items.


“Eighty-six of that being men’s suits and 57 men’s jackets also 61 women’s dresses and 53 women’s jackets,” said McDonald.


Clay Wesley, associate director of professional development in the College of Business, started this event last year when the clothes closet ran out of space to store the donations and excess clothes.


To McDonald, the cost is the best part of the event.


“The cost benefit is amazing. There’s basically zero cost and they’re getting stuff that they can use for a long time and for basically any professional event,” McDonald said.


The sale helps the Student to Career staff prepare students for an integral part of the interview process.


“It’s important for the college of business because students being qualified for the job is one thing but being dressed appropriately when they go in for their interviews is another important step in the job process,” Delon said.