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Women’s basketball team searches for student manager

Tech’s women’s basketball team searched for new student manager

Student managers have been an integral part of the women’s basketball team at Tech.

Operations Director Emily Hatfield is hiring a student manager to fill the vacant position. Students who are interested need to email her with an attached resume.

The hiring process is a trial-based interview where the candidate meets head coach Kim Rosamund and attends a couple of the practices.

“Some perks you get is putting on resume as being a part of a women’s collegiate basketball team, get gear such as travel suits, shirts and shoes. I can’t offer money this semester, but there’s definitely a potential of tuition money next semester,” Hatfield said. (

Another perk for students is priority class registration, which includes scheduling classes before they are offered to all students at the university.

“Making the girls’ lives easier and our lives easier. The girls don’t take advantage of them, but they help the team run smoother by setting up for practice and helping out,” Hatfield said.

Tech hired sophomore manager Dalenna Horton this summer, and she enjoys the sport and the people on the team.

She says the girls are nice and caring which makes it so much more fun to be a manager.

The managers help the team with social media, taking pictures and videos as well.

If a student would like to apply for this position, contact ehatfield@tntech.edufor more information.