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Third annual door decorating contest approaches

Students and faculty members are haunting the Tech hallways for the third year in a row.


The decorating contest began in 2017 in the College of Graduate Studies office and a few other departments in Derryberry Hall, Becky Blalock, an academic support associate with the College of Graduate Studies, said.


“This year we made it campus wide.  We still only have on average about 10 departments to participate but it’s all in good fun,” Blalock said.


For faculty members, this event represents the beginning of the holiday season.


“We just love to decorate. It helps us get into the spirit and we consider it a part of the holiday,” Blalock said.


Students outside of the departments participate in the judging which allows any department to participate without the worry of bias, Blalock said.


“Our department actually won the last two years.  The first year we did an “It” door which was pretty cool.  Last year we did a “Stranger Things” door,” she said.


The top three winners of the contest receive a trophy.


Not only does the event offer fun competition, it helps bring faculty and students together.


“I love getting with the students in our department and coming up with an idea. I supply the materials and they pretty much decide on how we are going to decorate,” Angela Wells, the administrative associate in the College of Business, said.


Starting this year, students can enter their dorm door as well.


“This is new we have some students entering their dorm room doors this year so we are so excited for them,” Blalock said.


This event also represents a small, but fun break during the work week for faculty.


“We work all the time and sometimes it’s good to break things up and have a little fun.  The students, staff and faculty all seem to enjoy it,” Wells said. “I love to compete in contests. It’s a challenge to me.”


Judging is Oct. 31. Email bblalock@tntech.eduto RSVP.