Student On the Street: 2020 presidential race

“Have you been keeping up with the 2020 presidential race?”

“No, I’m not really keeping up with it. Maybe just on Twitter. I’m not really sure who I’m voting for. I mean, I’m a Republican, but I’m not gonna say “I’m voting for Trump 100%”. If somebody else comes along that’s maybe similar, maybe not. I haven’t even kept up with it that much,” Austin Johnson, civil engineering.
“Not really, no. Knowing that this is the first year that I can vote, I need to actually look into it. But I haven’t yet,” Brookelyn Davis, business management.
“I have not kept up with it. I am very much not attached to the news in any way which is a good and bad thing. I actually just turned 18. I’m still super new to all of that so the goal is to get more involved in that and understand more about it before I just jump into it,” Kate Laulo, business management.
“I am registered to vote. If I can get caught up on the information then I plan on voting in the primary. I’m not keeping up with it closely though. I honestly don’t even know who is running, I know that’s really bad,” Emily Schleicher, nursing.
“Not really. I wish I were more up to date with it. There are a couple of things I have read about but it was in the very beginning. There’s so many people. I’m a Democrat so I’m looking more towards those candidates but as of right now, they’re all kind of crappy. And like I said, I haven’t done as much research as I would want to so I haven’t really decided which way I would lean as of right now,” Yasamen Rahimi, nursing.
“I think I’ve been keeping up with it probably more than other people I know. I think I’ve watched all of the debates, they’re pretty interesting for the most part. I do follow a few of the candidates on social media as well. I think Elizabeth Warren is a really good candidate that I would root for. I’m an education major so on a very surface level, she speaks to me because she was an educator at one point,” Payton Womack, elementary education.