Student On the Street: Homecoming

As homecoming approaches, students share whether they have plans for homecoming weekend.

“I didn’t know homecoming was next week, so probably nothing,” Evan Roberts, mechatronics engineering technology major.
“I’m not. I’m not at all. I’m not festive. I’m not prideful. I just come here so I can get classes done, so I can get a decent job,” Megan Dixon, communication major.
“Next week for homecoming, we’re celebrating by going to the parade and watching all the floats go by. Then having a tailgate with our sorority out by the quad and have some yummy food and then watch the game,” Turner Butaud, nursing major.
“For homecoming week, I’m a part of Phi Gamma Delta, and so I’m representing them for Mr. Tennessee Tech. So, we’ll have a float in the parade, and then we do something called kazoo band with our fraternity. It’s kind of like a tradition our chapter has. We’ll just be pomping, getting our board ready for the board contest,” Brady Hancock, nursing major.
“I’m gonna go to the parade and the homecoming game. Just have fun with my sisters,” Grace Brinkley, nursing major.
“We’re in ADPi, so we have a ton of homecoming events that take place throughout the week. There’s an air band competition that’s really fun. We do a canned food drive. Friday is a really big event. It’s what I’m most excited for, I think. It’s like homecoming pep rally. So, we’re paired with a fraternity, and we do this big cheer routine. We’ve been practicing almost every single night for hours. Saturday, we have the parade. So, we’ve been working a lot of hours also on the float – little tiny pieces of tissue paper. We put a lot of time into that for the parade. There’s a banner competition too, so we have girls painting the banner for homecoming,” Savanah Medlock, nutrition major.