Student On the Street: Technology and health

Technology is used hours a day, especially by college students. Tech students explained how our devices are affecting our physical health.

“I think young women look at people on social media and they judge themselves off of what they see off of other people,” Alyssa Arden, exercise science major.
“People sit in front of computer screens and in front of their phones all day long. Kids nowadays aren’t running around and playing outside. It’s making people a whole lot less healthy and is affecting their physical health along with their mental well-being,” Boone Riddle, mechanical engineering major.
“When you are on your phone all of the time you don’t get enough rest, especially at night. People would rather be on their phones, sitting on the couch, and eating than going outside and exercising and moving,” Alexis Trimiar, exercise science major.
“Some people are so addicted to technology that they don’t want to go out and want to better themselves because they would rather stay inside, but I guess on a whole level of the population, I would say it’s not really that big of an issue,” Jesse Boucher, sports administration major.
“When I grew up, I like, played outside a lot. Me and my brother were constantly outside and were never in front of a TV a lot, or in front of a tablet. So, I think that kids now are not getting to experience the lives we used to have,” Mikayla Lovin, pre-occupational therapy major.