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Students create human periodic table

SMACS from left: senior president Abigail Rossi, junior Bethan Obenader, senior vice president Sam Jones, senior Steven Lam Soulch and junior Rachel Baker.
(Photo by Maegen Brazzell)

Student Members of the American Chemical Society created the first human periodic table at the Roaden University Center lawn on Sunday.


“This is the international year of the periodic table,” SMACS president Abigail Rossi said. “So, we are trying to honor it by making it.”


Student Organization Funding paid for the heavy weight glossy element signs and the color-changing cups that the participants received after the event.


SMACS spent two months organizing the event and advertised throughTech Times, flyers and emails.


Attendance fell below the required 118, leaving some elements on the ground.


“Everything is in its own row,” Rossi said. “All the colors correspond to the Alkaline Earth metals and noble gases.”


Photographer David Bohannon used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to take the picture. The photo is going to be posted on Facebook and Twitter and shared with the Chemistry Department and American Chemical Society undergraduate office.