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Tech Players perform “Ruthless! The Musical”


Chelsea Holland as Lita Encore at the Nov. 5 production of “Ruthless”.
(Photo by Allison Rison)

Tech students and community members work in harmony as the Tech Players perform their fall production, “Ruthless,” a musical production that runs through Saturday.


This club holds their production at the newly renovated Backdoor Playhouse located in the basement of the Jere Whitson Building. They try to do a musical every fall.


Artistic director Mark Creter said that every production is a chance for students who may be new to the theatre program to work with other types of people.

Erin Sullens and Caitlin McMahan as Judy and Tina Denmark.
(Photo by Allison Rison)


“The auditions are open to anyone. You don’t have to be a student, you don’t have to be in the English department, you don’t have to be in the theatre program,” Creter said. “So we get students who are engineers and education majors and we get from all across the campus that all just share an interest in work in theatre.”


Creter described the production as small compared to most musicals. Based around movies such as “Gypsy” and “The Bad Seed,” this musical is about a girl who strives to be in a school play. When she does not get the part she wants, she kills the person who got it, leading to deception among the characters.


Though not likely to sell out, more than 50 people have attended each production so far, according to Samia Anderson, who plays the role of Sylvia in the musical.


Productions of “Ruthless” are at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. tomorrow at the Backdoor Playhouse.


Tickets can be bought at the door with checks, cash or credit card.  Students can attend for $5, senior citizens for $12 and other members of the general public for $15.


“I think we’re growing out of being the best kept secret on campus,” Creter said.


Creter is always looking for people to be involved in Tech Players whether by acting or working behind the scenes.

Erin Sullens, Caitlin McMahan and Samia Anderson as Judy, Tina and Sylvia. (Photo by Allison Rison)