Fire in New Hall South

The fire originated in the laundry room, starting at this dryer.
A fire broke out in New Hall South last night. The source was a dryer in the second floor laundry room. No one was injured, though many students were moved to New Hall North.

“We are making sure our students have the support and resources they need,” said President Phil Oldham. “I’m grateful for the fire department for responding quickly and minimizing the damage and to our Residential Life staff and others who worked diligently to contact and find solutions for students.”

Most students were able to return to their dorms, though about 120 of them had to stay in New Hall North. The two rooms closest to the fire suffered water damage. The students living in those rooms will be moved to New Hall North for the rest of the semester.

The University will cover the costs to the students associated with the accident.

Students and families can call 931-372-3414 for more information and assistance.