Student On the Street: IDEA Course Evaluations

“No, because teachers like to bribe their students to take them so people just put down random answers and don’t put any honesty into it, and if they do, all the bad teachers are tenured and they can’t get fired anyways,” Katheryn Arnold, mechanical engineering senior.
“No because they are read and the teacher may take them into account but typically if they are poor nothing is done about them and the teacher will continue teaching the exact same way every single year,” Carl Jones, chemical engineering senior.
“I don’t think so, because in most parts I have this class, and this semester I have this professor and next semester I have the same professor, that professor never changes the methods of teaching. He uses the same thing. I gave feedback but it wasn’t really helpful,” Aderito Do Rosario Da Cunha Mambares, agriculture sophomore.
“I do think they are effective, I think that they allow the teacher to get both good and bad feedback,” Benjamin Solomon, pre-optomettry senior.
“No, because tenure. All the worse teachers have tenure. I’ve put in terrible course evaluations and they are still teaching, so no,” Victoria Buck, math senior.
“I believe they are effective when they are making the decision whether or not to hire on a new professor, like they’ve had their trial semester, I think it’s kind of important there because students can give their honest feedback and tell whether or not the course was actually beneficial being taught by that professor. However with tenured professors, they can kind of breeze by them and decide whether or not to take the advice or point of views of the students. And In most cases they don’t typically take that advice or they just don’t realize what the students are asking of them or what the students are expecting out of the class,” Alyssa Kendall, pre-vet and cell molecular biology senior.